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Keep Australia Beautiful  (NT) Project

In 2019, Demed teamed up with Keep Australia Beautiful (NT) (KAB) to deliver a range of plants, livestock and equipment to Manmoyi outstation. The project aimed to support and educate residents to live sustainably. 


KAB supplied 20 species of edible plants through the Tidy Towns Program, ranging from sweet fruits such as banana, pawpaw and native apples to savoury vegetables including onion and sweet potato.


In addition to flora supplied by KAB, Demed provided a flock of chickens to establish a chicken farm. And to enable the community to work and maintain the gardens, brand new equipment was provided including rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, bins, fridges and washing machines. 


To educate residents regarding waste and recycling, KAB delivered education at the school. The video below provides a snapshot of the work completed for this fantastic initiative. 

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